Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Timkers—A New Beginning

About eighteen months ago, I had a wild, exciting dream. No it was not (entirely) one of those dreams, but it was thrilling none-the-less. When I awoke, I decided to take an entirely new direction in my writing. While I love the characters and stories in The Seldith Chronicles, I wanted to create stories that are more “adult,” where I could more freely describe passion—platonic, intimate and brutal that adults experience. I wanted to bring my readers to the exotic and interesting places I’ve visited all over the world, starting with Seattle. I also wanted to tell the story of strong female characters and the men that shape, suppress and support them. To that end, I wrote The Timkers.

clip_image002Ruth is one of those characters. She walks into the story wearing muddy coveralls, with dirty, matted red hair, worn-out shoes, and intensely green eyes—eyes that drew men to her. I had to get to know more about her, get her cleaned up and awaken her strength and the determination to bring herself and her family back to life in the mire of the Great Depression in 1930.

A number of time travel stories have also influenced me, and I imagined scenes where someone from our time visits the distant past. I wondered if  modern-day talents would be of any use. Sam is smart, tech-savvy and street-tough, but with a soiled history. He lost two years in the for-profit Texas judicial system, only to be re-entangled on the tough streets of modern-day Seattle. When The Timkers starts, Sam’s on the run again after a deadly encounter with a street thug. Stowing away on a bus heading out of town, he soon finds himself in 1930. Sam’s convinced things could not get more complicated—right up to the point where he meets Ruth in a Pioneer Square bordello.

In the first month since its publication, The Timkers has earned ten five-star reviews. But don’t take their word for it. Take a look at the preview and see if you aren’t drawn in. Yes, The Timkers is a series, like the romance and mystery novels you love. And yes, another is on the way.

The Timkers is written under the author name of WR Vaughn to help my readers find my New Adult titles.